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My Family

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

3 Year checkup

A couple of weeks ago Trevor had his 3 year checkup.  I wasn't really worried about how he would do because he has always been so good at the doctor's office.  I am so grateful that Jason is able to (and wants to) meet us for all of the boys' doctor appointments.  I tried to prep him for what would happen (minus the shots) and he was all good with it.

He first had his blood pressure checked with the actual cuff on and he did so good.  The nurse was actually shocked at how still he sat for the LONG couple of minutes.  He was so cute.

Then off to our room for all of the other checks.  He is so cute with getting his temperature checked - he immediately lifts his arm for them to check - like he's done this A LOT!!

He kept telling me before we got there that he was going to sing the "bad guy song" to Dr. Hardman - this would be Darth Vadar's song.  He froze up a little and wouldn't sing it but he was still so good.  We had her check out his feet because to me they seem to turn inward still.  She said they look okay to her and to just keep an eye on them for the next year.

His stats are:
34 pounds - 50-75 percentile
38.5 inches tall - 50-75 percentile

We actually weren't supposed to get any shots for the 3 year checkup but he was sick at his 18 month so he missed one.  So today was his lucky day!!  We always told Brody what was coming up, but we didn't tell Trevor.  Jason just told him as he was laying down that he was going to get something that would help him not get sick.  Well, before he knew what was going on the nurse stuck and all he said was OOH, OOH, THAT HURT.  Not even a whimper or tears from my big boy.  He got his Iron Man bandaid and a stamp on the way out and he was all good.

Let me just say that my 2 boys are SO DIFFERENT!!  Brody is so my dramatic child and has a low tolerance for pain so when he received his shots he cried for about 10 minutes afterwards and not a soft cry!!  You would have thought his leg was cut off.

To celebrate his great doctor visit I gave him the choice of either ice cream or cupcake

Cupcake was the winner and let me just say it was the best cupcake I have ever eaten.

Trevor had a chocolate one and mine was coconut cream.  The cupcakes came from Silvada's Bakery and really were the best one's I had ever eaten.

My sweet little boy is growing up way too fast.

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  1. did dr hardman listen to his heart and feel his belly