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Sunday, September 16, 2012

1st Progress report

A month into school and Brody is loving most everything about it.  Of course his favorite is recess.  He loves Monday - Thursday's because they get to go somewhere for 30 minutes each day.  For example, Monday is PE, Tuesday is Music, Wednesday is library day, and Thursday is the computer lab.  He actually doesn't like Friday's AT ALL, because he says it is boring and no fun.

They do have a little homework, but of course to Brody it seems like a lot.  The good thing though is that isn't due until Friday or sometimes the next Monday.  We are trying to make sure to not get behind and stay on top of the homework.  They are to read for 15 minutes every night and write the name of the book down on their Reading Log.  At the end of the week they are to write the name of the book they liked the most and why and then draw a picture about it.

Brody loves to read and is reading Level 1 and most Level 2 books with no problem.  He even gets through most Level 3 books with only a few unknown words.  It is amazing to see the little sponge that he is.  We are also trying to get used to a little reader on our hands.  Everywhere we go he will say "that says ______"  Sometimes we are quite shocked that he knows certain words.  

Reading in his favorite spot.

Last week, Brody received his first progress report.  I quickly realized that Brody had no clue what grades were and what they mean, so I had to try to explain them to him as we reviewed his progress report.  I am happy to say he received all E's (which in Kindergarten lingo is an A) and 2 S's (which are B's).  Now the S's were in Handwriting and Writing.  Mrs. Proffit says she wasn't able to enter all of the grades in for this so the grades should improve.  As Jason and I talked, we knew that Brody didn't get good genes for handwriting - mind is terrible and Jason's isn't that great either.  He's also a boy and we all know that boys don't usually have the best handwriting.

Brody was so excited when he saw the 100% E's on the report and then realized that he had to do better and take his time (he gets this honestly as well) in a couple of the other areas.

He has been on his best behavior in the classroom so his marker hasn't been moved yet and has stayed on green - which is good.  He knows if the marker moves too far down things won't be good !!

I am so proud of my little kindergartner and that he loves school. 

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