My Family

My Family

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Our weekend started out with a birthday party Friday night at the St Mary's Aquatic Center for Brody's buddy Walker.  Of course the boys had a blast and Brody had the entire BIG slide all to himself because he was the only kid tall enough to ride it.

Trevor and Tucker floating around the Lazy river

The rest of the weekend consisted of golf (for Jason), swimming, another birthday party, church, and hanging out with friends.

Sunday afternoon we headed over to Adam and Stephanie's house to hang out and let the kids play and swim.  Adam was grilling and Stephanie made these potato hobo packs for the grill which were VERY good.  I made a couple of new desserts, which were VERY easy and turned out really yummy!!

Salted Nutella fudge

This was so easy to make and I think I ate half the pan.  The salt really gives it a good kick.

The other was Apple Nachos.

These were definitely easy and quick to make.  I literally decided to make these about 15 min before we walked out the door.  I had some extra apples laying around and thought it would be a good thing to munch on while we were just sitting around.  These were a hit - even Jason liked them.  He likes sweets but doesn't LOVE them like I do so he doesn't have to have them ALL the time.  The kids even ate these and I thought it would be a good after school snack.

I had to redeem myself from the last time we hung out over there.  I made hot boiled peanuts but they were SOOO salty that they have become the latest joke.  I enjoy trying out new recipes, so hopefully my friends don't mind too much.

Well, the weather wasn't the best that night, so the kids mostly stayed inside and played.  They were really good and weren't screaming and hollering all over either :)

Towards the end of the night Adam and Jason brought out their guitars to play a little for us.  Well, the kids thought they would entertain as well.  Brody on Ava's electric guitar, Ava played a little fiddle/banjo/guitar, and Trevor sang or did whatever.  Brody was really getting into playing the guitar, I think he really enjoyed having a guitar strap.

The guys started singing O Happy Day and Ava and Brody love that song so they were belting it out - you will have to check out Stephanie's blog whenever she posts about it because she videoed it.  It was great.

We had some party animals that night and thankfully we didn't have any plans the next day because we sat around and talked until midnight - well the guys played while Stephanie called out different songs for them to try and sing/play - it was like our own Singing Bee show.

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