My Family

My Family

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pottery Barn reading

I am absolutely loving being a stay at home mom (amazing how God has different plans for our lives).  My mom watches Trevor for about 15-20 min in the morning while I take Brody to school. Yes I still walk him in every morning because if not then he would go to the cafeteria to wait. Nothing good can come out of a lot of kindergarteners sitting together on the floor.

When I pick up Trevor from mom's he says "it's just you and me". It is so cute and I keep thinking these days will be gone soon and I know I will miss them.  I try to schedule all of my errands to one day a week and Trevor seems to enjoy going off - he is a little sponge - soaks up everything.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that Pottery Barn Kids has story time on Tuesdays so last week we headed over there for a little story time.

He did so good and seemed to really enjoy it, so I'm sure we will make Tuesday's our errand day.  He may have really enjoyed that day because he received a Chick Fil L cookie afterwards.

While out and about with Trevor, I never really know what he is going to do.  One day while in Kohl's I am looking at some clothes and call out to him and here is what comes to me

 and then this

We usually make a trip to this place once a week and my little man was hiding :)  He loves to get his sticker and cookie - the trip isn't complete without them.

He is such a fun and full of life child and I am enjoying spending this time with him - (please remind me of this when he drives me absolutely crazy)!!

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