My Family

My Family

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer fun update

We have been so busy doing all sorts of things on our summer list.  The boys enjoy seeing what else is on our list to do and planning out our days.

One warm day - which seems like all of them lately - I found this cool idea to make a Giant splash pad. Now it really isn't a splash pad because you don't get wet but it feels really cool more like a giant water bed.

All I did was take one of those huge clear painter tarps and fold it and then tape it up with duct tape leaving a small hole for the water hose.  I added some blue food color to the water and then taped up the hole.  

The kids loved rolling all around on the pad.  I could have laid out there for awhile and laid in the sun reading a book.  Now the only problem was that in the afternoon, the pad didn't feel so good because the water was hot.  Oh well, they had fun in the morning.

We woke up one morning and made homemade donuts.  It's been awhile since Brody has made them, and I figured the boys would enjoy making them AND eating them.  I was so right because they were gobbled down.  I forget how easy these are to make.  All it takes is a package of biscuits and some helpful kids.

We used a star cookie cutter to cut out the middle - so then we had donuts and star donut holes.

I then dropped the biscuits in some hot oil.  Oh how the kids wanted to do that, but I thought it would be best that I handle that.  Then comes the fun part for the kids - shake, shake, shake.  We chose powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar.

Now the fun part - enjoying their hard work

Somebody loved them.

They've already asked when they can have them again, so I guess they really enjoyed them.

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