My Family

My Family

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rain, rain go away

Last week Hurricane Debby came across our area and seemed like she would never leave.  We had record amounts of rain fall which meant flooding everywhere.  Check out our area

Our pond - it has never been so high

When the rain finally stopped we had to go outside and take a look.

With all the rain, meant the boys were going a little stir crazy.  This gave a perfect opportunity to do a couple of things on our summer list that required us to stay in doors.

The first being making our own play dough using Kool-aid.  This was very easy to make and the kids loved it.

Stirring the playdough.  This was actually the hardest part because it was so hard to stir and it had to be done quite fast.

Final product - red and orange play dough - their favorite colors.

Time to play.

Another thing to do on a rainy day - sleep, play and read in a tent.  This was a Christmas gift from Nini and Papa but it hasn't been opened yet so the boys were so eager to open it and play.

Brody's favorite thing to do in the tent was hide out and read his books.

They had so much fun with the tent even though they had to stay indoors during all of this rain.

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