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My Family

Friday, July 13, 2012

Relaxing day on the river

A couple of Saturday's ago, Adam and Stephanie asked us to go out in his dad's boat.  I was pretty excited because I had a feeling the boy's would have a blast.  With all of the recent rain and flooding, Adam had to keep checking everything to do with the water to see the best place for us to go.  We ended up putting the boat in at Ortega River and heading out to the St Johns for a full day on the water. The weather guys said the night before that with the heat coming on Saturday the best place to be was "on the water, near the water, or under the water".  I think we had it covered.

The boys were pretty excited even though they really didn't know what to expect but they were going to be with Ava so it was all good.  This was the first time I had ever been on a boat in the St Johns - if you don't count when I rowed in college (that's a little different).  We had a tube, wake board and a boat full of snacks, so it was going to be a fun day.

With the heat we just knew the river would be crowded, but there was no one out there so it was great. Jason and Brody started out on the tube - of course Brody didn't want to go but as the great parents we are we forced him on it and he had a great time!!

All smiles

A little faster

A little faster

Whoa, time to slow down.  So, right about this time, they hit a big wake and went about 5 feet in the air (at least that is what we told Brody).  While on the tube, Brody told Jason since they went so high and almost fell off "I want to punch Mr. Adam in the face".  This is how Brody acts when he gets upset.  We definitely got a good laugh out of it.

All smiles once we talked the big bounce up.

Now, it's Trevor's turn - smiling but not as dare devilish as we thought he would be.

He still had fun, but only rode once

Now for Ava and Adam - no hands!!.  This would have been the time for Stephanie to have gunned it  - she might would have if Ava hadn't been on there.

I guess he was trying to show off - turning around and all.

Driver Stephanie, making sure everything was correct.

The 3 kids had so much fun.  They mostly wanted to just "rest" which meant stop the boat so they could jump off the boat onto the tube over and over and over again.  I don't know maybe they did this about 100 times.  Fun is an understatement.

View of Jacksonville

It was then time for Stephanie and Ava.  For some reason Adam had stopped the boat in the middle of their ride and I'm not really sure exactly what happened, but somehow Stephanie and Ava came off the front of the tube when Adam started the boat back up again.  I'm going to take Stephanie's side and say that Adam took off a little quicker the second time.  All I do know is that when she got back on the boat, Adam got a little extra push off the boat and into the water.  We (well some of us) laughed about that for the rest of the day.

Here they come to the boat - Ava not so happy.

Chillin' in the boat

 Adam then had his turn on the wake board

Stephanie was the driver and Adam was getting a little brave and needed a little more juice.

He was pretty excited with the air

It's now Jason's turn on the wake board.  The one time he tried a long time ago, he wasn't able to get up.  Thankfully, Adam told him one good tip and he was up

No tricks, just thankful to be up and going.

While Jason rode the wake board, Ava and Trevor (especially Trevor) got really sleep.

We decided to take a nice ride down the river to see downtown.  Trevor decided he wanted to take a nap as well as the other 2.  You can kind of see Brody behind Adam turned around backwards sleeping - Ava was the same way on the other side.  These kids were troopers because by this time it was about 4:00 and they had been jumping and swimming all day.

A view of downtown Jacksonville from our boat.

Ava and Brody both knew immediately what this was.  Only a month left until the season starts!!

Docking the boat from a fun filled day on the river.  Trevor has already asked Mr. Adam when he's taking him again!!   We all had so much fun just relaxing and being with family and friends!!

However, the next time we go I think I'll apply sunscreen more than twice on his face.  Brody loves to rub his face everytime he gets out of the water so the sunscreen quickly wiped off.  I also bought some clear zinc that hopefully won't rub off so easily.  We are prepared.

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