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My Family

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Friendly competition

A couple of Saturday's ago Jason and Adam went to play golf in the morning and that afternoon we were all going to go out in the boat.  However, the weather wasn't looking too promising so we decided to let the "boys" aka dad's show off their golf skills some more that night while we played putt putt.

We headed to Fernandina.  I'll be honest I was a little leery at paying money for Trevor to play because he didn't seem to care so much when we played in Pigeon Forge, but I know he loves Ava so I thought he might be better.

It was one of the muggiest nights on the island.  Usually there's a breeze or something, but nothing.  My poor boys were so sweaty after they played - but I'm pretty sure they had fun.

Brody started out doing great and was kind of taking his time for the first couple of holes and was actually getting the ball in the hole within 5 strokes.  He really just liked moving on to the next hole, which was the hardest part with playing with kids - keeping them near you and not moving too far ahead.

Ava and Brody helping each other.

Trevor on the other hand liked to hit the ball a couple of times and then was ready to move on.  I was just thankful that neither he nor his ball went in the water.

Finally sitting down for a picture.  This was a challenge!!

Now as for us adults, there was some huge competition between us.  We are all pretty competitive.  I was surprisingly doing really well on the front 9 but something happened to me on the back 9 because I was really not in the competition by the end.

Jason and Adam on the other hand were within a couple of strokes of each other the entire time, which is why you see Jason eyeing his next shot to make sure he wins!!

As the score card shows below, Jason won by 1 stroke on Adam and 2 strokes on Stephanie.  I on the other hand came in with a 55, but I will say I had a 22 on the front 9 - I was pretty impressed!

We were all pretty famished and hot so we ended the night with a trip to Sonic for half price milkshakes and of course some real food!!  Of course our night was not complete without a good laugh and a shake of my head in disbelief at my Trevor.  We are sitting at Sonic and I look over at my child and he is pulling his pants down - I think he was getting ready to use the bathroom.  I am in shock (not sure why), but I quickly yank him up and take him to the bathroom.  As I said the night wasn't complete without us laughing at Trevor!!

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