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My Family

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chocolate and a movie

One of the things on our summer list was to go on a chocolate tour.  Peterbrooke is a chocolate company that started here in Jacksonville in 1983.  The factory is located in San Marco and they offer $1 tours - with free samples.  I thought this would be something different and cheap for the boys to do.

At first I wasn't going to take Trevor because I thought he would be too crazy acting and it would be too hard to control both Trevor and Brody - I really thought Trevor might just fall in a vat of chocolate:)  However, Jason helped me change my mind so off all three of us went - I'm actually glad I took him.

The kids checking out what they wanted before the tour even started.

There were 6 kids and 5 adults for the tour and our our first stop was to see where all of this chocolate was made.  Our tour guide explained how they make all of the chocolate covered popcorn there in the factory - this is my favorite thing they make and it's their most popular.  She only talked for about 10 minutes, which was great because the kids' didn't get too crazy.

We then went behind the counter to watch her make the chocolate covered popcorn - the old fashioned way.  Check out the kids - smallest to biggest - so cute and they did great even though the chocolate was about 6 inches from their little hands.

 Can you just see their mouths drooling - oh wait maybe that was mine.

Somebody else is a huge fan, which is why I have to hide the stuff whenever I get some.

Trevor and Tucker - loving their chocolate.

Thankfully, I only spent a total of $2.50 on 2 chocolate race cars.  Brody wanted the pack of chocolate crayons, but I told him he would have to share the 5 crayons with Trevor because I wasn't going to buy 2 packs @ $5 each.  Well, he wasn't a fan of sharing so he found the race cars.  It was a win win for us all - cheaper and they each had their own!!

Trevor, Ava, and Brody walking down San Marco Blvd - so cute.

This was a great little field trip for the kids.  After the field trip Stephanie and I headed to none other than Chick Fil La to let the kids play and for us to just sit and talk.  The kids had a blast as they played for over an hour in the play area.  I was told by a grandma that my child called her grandchild a "stupid girl"- this is why I'm not a fan of these play areas.  Later I asked Brody if he called the girl a name - "no mam".  Then I asked Trevor and he said "no mam" but leave it to the older brother to pipe in and say yes he did.  I asked Trevor why he called her that and out of a 2 year old "she called me stupid girl".  This made me feel better because I really didn't think Trevor knew that word so he just repeated what she said.  Now if he had called her "poopy head" or something like that then that's my Trevor (how in the world can I ever break him from that?)  Now hopefully he just won't repeat that word anymore.

Later that evening we met up with Adam, Stephanie & Ava to go see Madagascar 3.  Now the Henderson's hadn't seen the first 2 but we assumed it wouldn't be a problem.  However, we look over about 15 minutes into the movie and I see Stephanie looking at her phone.  I thought she was just bored with the movie, but later found out that she was reading about the first 2.  Too funny!!

We all enjoyed the movie, but next time we will try out best to see movies at River City instead of Orange Park.  It is crazy out there - long line to get tickets, long line to check your tickets, and long line to get popcorn - CRAZY!!  Oh well, we survived.

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