My Family

My Family

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My little swimmer

With having a pool right next door, I feel it is crucial that my boys learn to swim at a young age.  Brody  is a FISH in the water this summer.  He is everywhere in the pool, diving, doing cannon balls, diving to the bottom of the deep end to get toys, and doing flips in the water.  He loves the water - is an understatement.

Trevor is doing great as well.  He knows he has to wear his vest anytime he gets in the water.  The past few weeks I have been wanting him to take the vest off to practice without it.  He tried it once with me and did ok, but then never wanted to take the vest off again.

Finally Jason was able to get in the pool with us and Trevor tried it again and was actually swimming pretty good.  The first time he did it he was putting his face in the water all the time and we couldn't stop him from swimming from one end to the other.  However, I think his eyes started hurting him since he opens his eyes under water and he doesn't like to wear goggles.  So, he doesn't like to put his head under anymore.

We were able to capture him on video when he jumped in

He stills wear his vest most of the time because it is just a safety net for both he and I.  However, I'm sure it won't be long.

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