My Family

My Family

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bowling Fun

Later that afternoon when we got home from Monkey Jungle, Randy and Julie (who we coteach with in our Bible Fellowship Group at church) asked us if we want to go bowling.  At first I thought, well I don't have anyone to keep the kids but the wonderful thing about Randy and Julie is that they don't mind our kids at all and they said for them to come along as well.

This time I made sure the kids had something to eat before we arrived to the alley (the last time we went bowling as a family all the kids wanted to do was eat).  We had 7 adults and our 2 boys.

The kids and the ladies were on one lane with the 4 guys having some serious competition on the other lane.

"Uncle" Randy showing Brody the right way to set it up.

See, doesn't this look some competition going on?

We bowled 2 games and B and T did great through most of them.  They took their breaks a couple of times which worked out fine.

Kathy trying to help Trevor out with the phone (or it may have been the other way around) - yes the phone came out because sometimes it is a necessity and an answer to prayer.

 As we finished up our 2 games, Trevor goes up to Kathy and says "you're a woser".  We may need to work on the competition in our house :)

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