My Family

My Family

Friday, July 27, 2012

Big Air turns to Monkey Jungle

One Friday Tracy and I decided to take the kids to Big Air for a little jumping fun.  They were so excited because of course this is one of my boys' favorite places to go.  However, when we arrived the lady told us that there was a huge group of middle schoolers already jumping and that we could take a look inside to see if we wanted to stay.  Tracy took one look inside and turned to me and said no way.

Back to the car to try and find something else to do with 3 kids who were pretty disappointed.  Thankfully, Monkey Jungle was right down the street and I found a coupon in the Entertainment book so we were off.  Brody and Trevor had never been but we had been to Ollie Koalas's before so it was very similar.

There first thing they wanted to do was bowl - which is mini style for kids - very cute.  Brody and Trevor played on the same game because of course Trevor didn't last long and was off to see what else he could get into.

With their little prizes from their tickets.

We stayed for almost 2 hours and the kids seemed to have a great time.

After lunch at Arby's, we all stopped by Target for Tracy to pick up a few things.  While she went off to find her things, here's how the kids spent their time.

What a fun time these kids had playing with each other.

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