My Family

My Family

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Final days of vacation

Our final few days in Destin were still filled with getting up and heading to the beach to get TONS of sand everywhere and then having to hear Trevor SCREAM at the sight and feel of the outside shower to try and get the sand off.  We kept telling people as they stared at us that we weren't hurting him.  I would love to say that he got better but that didn't happen.
All ready for the beach.

By Wednesday, Trevor had learned out to jump in and crawl out of his pack n play.  This made for an interesting rest of the week for naps and sleep at night.  He has always used a paci at night (even though it is really never in his mouth he just likes to hold it) and before vacation I was beginning to think that we would be able to get rid of it.  However, it's a different story now.  We used that thing in the car and we would find him diving into his pack n play to get the paci.  And I thought getting rid of this thing would be easy.

At the end of the week, there were actually a few shells on the beach and they were different types then we have in the Atlantic.

Since Trevor was not getting a lot of sleep, he decided he really liked to sleep on the beach.  Come about 10:30 AM or so he would say night night and would lay down on a towel.  He slept for about an hour to hour and a half Wed - Fri.  The only problem with this is that he didn't want to take a nap in the afternoon when Brody would take his.

Wednesday night when my parents went out to eat with the rest of the family, we decided to stay in since both boys hadn't had much sleep that day and that was only asking for a major scene.  However, staying inside with 2 boys without naps wasn't so fun for mommy either, so I said we just had to get out of the house - I didn't care if we just drove around.  We ended up at The Track - not sure if we would actually participate, but at least we could walk around.  The Track had about 4 or 5 race tracks, kiddie rides, bumper boats & cars, & putt putt - a true tourist trap.  Brody had a blast riding the go cart but poor Trevor wasn't quite tall enough to ride - short by about 1 inch.  However, he had fun riding other rides.  I think Brody's favorite was the bumper cars.  He thought it was the best thing ever to be able to bump into other people.

Thursday and Friday were spent mostly on the beach.  We did go out to eat Thursday night and then off to do a little shopping at the outlets.  Thanks to my sweet daddy who took Trevor back to the condo since we didn't have a stroller and it would have been miserable shopping with him.

Friday evening I did a quick photoshoot with my cousin and his girlfriend.  It was a lot of fun and they were so easy to work with.  I loved being able to practice what I had learned in my photography classes.

After the photoshoot we were on for a little friendly cornhole competition with them.  I've only played a few times at the beach weekend with our seniors and I wasn't too bad so I was hoping to not let Jason down this time.  The picture speaks for itself.

Of course Saturday was our long trip back home.  We had a wonderful time spending time with immediate and extended family and I could definitely go back there again.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Part 1 of Destin Vacation

Well, once we got Trevor situated in his pack n play in our room he was sleeping pretty good.  The only thing is that we are an hour behind so he woke up around 7:30 AM for the first few days - this was a little difficult to deal with.

Since we were up pretty early we were out on the beach by 9:30 or 10:00 with our TONS of stuff.  It's amazing how much stuff you "need" on the beach - cooler, chairs, canopy, toys, towels, etc, etc.  We even rented 2 chairs and an umbrella for the week - this was the only way to have our stuff right at the ocean - what a way for someone to make money.

My first impression of the Gulf was that there were waves.  I couldn't believe it.  Also, there isn't much of a beach - about a third of what I am used to on the Atlantic.  Brody and Trevor played in the sand for about 30 minutes and then Brody was ready to get in the water.

The first day we took both boys out in the water - the water is so clear I don't even mind being in the water.  However, I didn't like them not having a vest or something on - it just made me feel better and Brody felt fearless with his vest on.

I was in shock on how well Brody did with the water - no tears or whining.  He was loving every minute of being in the ocean.

After a couple of hours of the beach we would head to the pool to help rinse off.  Our little fish were all over the place and really enjoyed playing with his cousin - Samantha who is 8.

Thank goodness for snacks because everytime I turned around someone was hungry or thirsty.

We would head in around 1:30 to get a good nap.  Nini was trying to get Trevor to take a nap out by the pool but he actually took several naps on the beach - 1 in my arms and 2 just laying on a towel.  By day 4, Trevor had figured out how to climb out of his pack n play and didn't want to take a nap.

 Papa and Trevor spent a lot of time in this position - Trevor eating snacks with Papa.

Of course Trevor eating again - ice cream.

One evening we headed out to the beach since the weather was great.  The boys had a great time playing in the sand and just running around.  One night Brody, Trevor, & Samantha played with glow sticks out in the front yard, ran around and chased a ball, and then another night they went searching for crabs.  That was quite funny to watch because I think if Brody had actually gotten close to a crab he would scream like a girl.

Brody loved playing with his cousin Samantha - our little donut makers.

Trevor loved to look at EVERY plane that went by and of course there were a lot of them.

This was only the first few days of our trip.  Don't worry there will be more to come.