My Family

My Family

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sweet Pete's

Who doesn’t love chocolate??  Well, my boys do so I saw where Sweet Pete’s (a really cute chocolatier) had a chocolate pizza making class.  Yum!!  Ava and Stephanie joined us one Friday for an hour of making chocolate pizzas.

The lady talked about the chocolate and how to temper it.  I did learn that when you see chocolate that has a whitish color it doesn’t  mean the chocolate is bad (which is what I thought) but it means the chocolate wasn’t tempered correctly.  Meaning the chocolate wasn’t moved around while it cooled.

It was finally time for the chocolate to be poured into their pizza pans and then topping time.  The boys couldn’t seem to put enough toppings on their pizza.

Finished product.

The class included a scoop of ice cream and that was the icing on the cake!!

Now, the hard part was waiting for the chocolate to harden before they ate it.  

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