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My Family

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

End of the Year Round up Party

After the awards ceremony, Mrs. Ray and Mrs. Chancy's class had their Round Up Party.  I love where their classes are in the school because it is like our own personal play area outside.  They put so much planning into this party and we had some great parents who contributed so much to help this party go great.

The teachers had planned several stations for the kids to participate:

Sack Race

Barrel Racing

This is my roommate from college's niece - isn't she the cutest?

This is Kate who was in Brody's Kindergarten class as well and Jason and her mom grew up together.

Pan for gold

Line dancing - even Mrs. Ray got into the dancing (love her!!)


They had pictures with "Most Wanted" sign and all - didn't get a picture of that, but at least have the mustache!!

They also made a trail mix.

This was one of the best parties and I'm sure the kids had a blast.

After all of the stations, we gathered the kids back in the classroom so we could present Mrs. Ray with her gift.

As a class we sent out a form for all of the students to answer questions about Mrs. Ray like:

Where does she live?
What I will miss about her?
What she taught them?
Her favorite to eat for lunch?
I like her because?

The answers were then compiled into a book "125 Reasons We Love Mrs. Ray"

Each answer was on a separate sheet of paper with a $1 bill in between each piece.

She also received a Target gift card - who doesn't love that?

We then decided to package all of the students' answers into a binder and give to Mrs. Howard so she would know how much Mrs. Ray is loved.

As Mrs. Ray read all 125 of them, the kids loved hearing what they had written about her.  Lots of giggles were heard!!

I am going to miss this group of kids and even more will miss Mrs. Ray.  She is one of the sweetest teachers who genuinely loves her students!!

What a great year we had with Mrs. Ray and Brody was so excited to go to school to be with her!

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