My Family

My Family

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Trevor's school presentation

Thursday, May 22, Trevor had his end of the year presentation at Sonshine.  Brody also had a baseball game - choices, choices!!  Mom and I went to Trevor's presentation and Jason and Dad went to Brody's.  Trevor was so excited and had been practicing his part for the past couple of weeks.  We worked on enunciation of his words and to speak slowly.

Each VPK class came out and did their own little presentation.  The first class came out and each of the children did some kind of talent.  This girl sang "Let It Go" in the movie Frozen.  She was awesome and sang the song with so much enthusiasm and with all of the motions.

Next up was Trevor's class

 Not sure why he tucked his shirt in.  He wanted to but mom and I told him no that it didn't look right.  Well, see what happens when we aren't around.

Thankfully we caught his eye while he was on stage and had him untuck it.  However, the pants were a little big and he was constantly pulling them up.

I guess somebody should have had a nap.

Please disregard the blurriness in parts.  I was trying to take pictures and video all with the same camera.

After Trevor's class finished, all of the VPK classes came out for one more song.  Trevor really got into this song.

This little girl he is talking to is Leah and he talked about her a lot :)
The 3 Amigos!!

Now that we are all done with VPK we must get ready for my little kindergartner.  Sniff, Sniff!!

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