My Family

My Family

Friday, July 25, 2014

Getting a start on our Summer Bucket List

We made our annual Summer Bucket List and the boys were eager to start crossing things off.  One of our first things was to hit the beach.  I love taking my boys to the beach especially if they just play in the sand. It's when they decide to get in the water I get nervous. They are at the age where they love to boogie board. Jason and I have tried to help them understand they need to respect the water. 

After the beach we grabbed lunch at the local burger place - TRay's (which I prefer Tasty's) and took it back to the newest Amelia Island park to eat. 

This is a brand new Pirate park and the boys loved it. What kid doesn't love a new play area and it was all in the shade!!

Yeah my graceful child. 

A great way to start off our summer!!

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