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My Family

Friday, July 18, 2014

Star Wars Weekend - Day 2 - Galactic Breakfast

Several years ago we went to our first Character breakfast and after the bill came we said that would be our last one so hope everyone enjoyed it.  Well, who knew Disney would come out with a Star Wars Galactic breakfast.  Thanks to Stephanie for bringing this to my attention.

We didn't tell the boys about this and thought it would be a great surprise - however, I have come to realize that it is probably better to let them prepare for things so go ahead and tell them.

Our reservations were at 8:15 so it was before Hollywood Studios opened.  As we walked towards The Sci Fi theater, the boys really had no idea what we were doing except going to eat breakfast.  When we arrived they could kind of see Darth Vadar and Boba Fett right in the door way waiting!!  They were not quite sure what was going on.

Let me say that Darth Vadar creeped me out - he was huge and scary.  Thankfully the boys weren't scared.  This was well worth the price of admission since to get a picture with Darth Vadar is about a 2-3 hour wait.

You are then taken to your seat which is a car so you can watch clips from Star Wars!!  Yeah, ALL my boys were happy!!  Not sure how much my younger 2 ate because they kept watching the clips.

We received our menu - an unlike the buffets - you order from the menu, but can have whatever and however much you want.  I couldn't decide between the banana filled french toast or the eggs and bacon so our waiter brought me both!!
Loved the Yoda melon!!

Blueberry milk

Of course my boys loved this plate of danishes - and their mom did too!!  They thought it was pretty cool to be able to eat the C3P0 - which was white chocolate.

As we ate and watched movie clips, different characters came around to take pictures.  How cool is that?


Jawas - These little guys would come around and try to take stuff from you.

I'm not sure exactly how the boys felt about the breakfast, (hopefully they liked it) but after over an hour in the restaurant they were ready to go.  I know they enjoyed getting to see the characters - so it was all worth it!  So off we went to ride Star Tours at Hollywood Studios.  We couldn't get any fast passes because we already had them booked for Magic Kingdom that evening. 

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