My Family

My Family

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Star Wars Weekend Day 2 continued

Since we were at the Disney Parks in May - it was quite hot!!  We decided to head back to the hotel to enjoy the pool and rest up for Magic Kingdom that night.

The boys were pretty excited about the slide.  They must have gone down it about 20 times.

Enjoying hammock time

Resting up for MK that evening.

Off to MK.  Thankfully it wasn't too hot and was overcast.  It started raining a little at one time, but it wasn't bad.

 Except when the rain got close enough with a little lightning and they closed Dumbo of course as soon as we got to the front.

Trevor was really hoping he was tall enough to ride Space Mountain, but he fell a little short.

 So while Brody and Jason rode, Trevor and I ate Mickey ears!!  I felt so sorry for the poor guy.

Thankfully Jason doesn't mind the teacups because I can barely even watch them.

One big reason we were so excited for this trip was the brand new roller coaster opening at MK - 7 Dwarf Mine Train - which the first day running for guests was the day before we were there.  This is a BIG deal for the MK.  With the new fast pass program, I was able to reserve our fast pass about a month or so in advance - thank goodness because the wait was about 2 hours.  We were so worried that the storm was going to shut it down but we got there just in time and it was really good - but not quite a 2 hour wait good!!

Since my boys don't really care for fireworks, I don't get to go to the front of the castle to see the whole nighttime spectacular so back in FantasyLand is about all I get.

We left the park around 11:30 and of course the kids were exhausted and ready for bed to get ready for our big Star Wars weekend on Friday!!

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