My Family

My Family

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Donuts, sharks and a taxi

Monday, June was National Donut Day so of course we had to celebrate. I wanted the boys (and myself) to try something different than the typical donut (oh how I wish we had a Doughnut Planet). I had heard of this little bakery in Five Points area Sweet Theory Baking Company and thought it would be a nice try.

Brody chose the Skinny Jeans one which had cookie crumbles on the top and he loved it.

Trevor tried the strawberry one but didn't like it.

This is mine, which both boys loved.

Next on the agenda was the MOSH (Museum of Science History) for the Magladon shark exhibit.  They were so excited to see this huge shark.  Brody is so into this stuff.

Digging for shark teeth

The boys have always loved the little play area at the bottom of the MOSH.  Well, this year Brody was too big to play in it and he did so good just sitting with me while Trevor played.  I did let him go over and help Trevor out.

We then decided to take the water taxi across to the North Riverbank and find some lunch.  The water taxi is now free - what a great win!!

Our view

The water taxi dropped us off at the Jacksonville Landing where we found some lunch.  I really wanted to find a food truck, but it was really hot and the boys were about to have a meltdown so I used my great mom instincts (not really) and settled on something close.

A view of the Northbank.

Since it was National Donut Day we decided to stop by Krispy Kreme for our FREE donut.  Brody was loving this one much better than his first.

Needless to say we were all pretty sugared up from the donuts that day so that makes it a great day!!

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