My Family

My Family

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sweet Pete's

Who doesn’t love chocolate??  Well, my boys do so I saw where Sweet Pete’s (a really cute chocolatier) had a chocolate pizza making class.  Yum!!  Ava and Stephanie joined us one Friday for an hour of making chocolate pizzas.

The lady talked about the chocolate and how to temper it.  I did learn that when you see chocolate that has a whitish color it doesn’t  mean the chocolate is bad (which is what I thought) but it means the chocolate wasn’t tempered correctly.  Meaning the chocolate wasn’t moved around while it cooled.

It was finally time for the chocolate to be poured into their pizza pans and then topping time.  The boys couldn’t seem to put enough toppings on their pizza.

Finished product.

The class included a scoop of ice cream and that was the icing on the cake!!

Now, the hard part was waiting for the chocolate to harden before they ate it.  

Summer 2014 – Weeks 2 & 3

As we went through the summer I tried to take pictures of the things we did.  However, I failed quite a bit because I found myself just trying to enjoy the time together and even the pics I have aren’t that great.  Our first couple of weeks included a birthday party for Bradyn:


It was a campout but since it was on a Saturday night, B & T could only stay a little while because we had church the next day.

Chuck E Cheese

This year the nearest theater to us offered $1 movies on Tuesday and Wednesday with 2 different movies each week.  We took advantage of this several times through out the summer.  I packed my movie purse with candy for Trevor and even a Ziploc bag of popcorn for Brody (after our first visit where I paid $6.50 for a small popcorn), and our drinks.  When we go to the movies as a family we purchase the popcorn so they definitely get our money.  This summer program was a great way for us to check out a few movies we hadn’t seen and even one we had already seen.  We saw Smurfs 2, Freebirds, and Madagascar 3. 

A couple of those movies we met Janan and Tara and their boys and then went to Tijuana Flats for lunch.  It was so nice to spend some time with them and had some great conversations.

The boys participated in our church’s VBS mobile, which is held at 6 different locations around our town.  They had a blast especially since a couple of their friends were able to join them.  

Nothing better than the ice cream truck visiting.

The Crime Scene Unit truck visited and of course Trevor gets picked to give his finger prints.

They LOVE the huge slip n slide.

They turned around and went with Bradyn to his VBS.  One night was 80’s dress up.  I love how about 30 minutes before they were to leave, Brody mentions the dress up and wants to do it.  Here is what I threw together.  They loved it.

Back at one of Brody’s book fair, he picked out a Candy Experiment book and was very excited to get started on a couple of them.  They are really cool.

This one was learning about the oil in chewy candy.

I did a lot of cleaning during the first couple of weeks of June because we were having a big Anniversary Party at our house.  One day I decided to pressure wash the concrete.  Jason wanted to know if I was pressure washing the ditch.  Yeah, I was pretty dirty, but I had a clean driveway!!

What a fun couple of weeks so far - off to a great summer!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Brody's Baseball party

Monday, June 10, we had Brody’s end of the year baseball party at Bradyn’s house.  These boys are a trip and were so excited to get their trophies.  Although we didn’t really have a great season, the boys seemed to have a good time.

What better way to celebrate then pizza, cupcakes and a pool.




After the storm passed, it was time for the pool

Trevor thinks he is one of the big boys.

Gabby, Grady's little sister, wanted so much to get in the water so Jason got in with her and the two of them hid behind the boogie board so the boys wouldn't nail them with the water guns.

Donuts, sharks and a taxi

Monday, June was National Donut Day so of course we had to celebrate. I wanted the boys (and myself) to try something different than the typical donut (oh how I wish we had a Doughnut Planet). I had heard of this little bakery in Five Points area Sweet Theory Baking Company and thought it would be a nice try.

Brody chose the Skinny Jeans one which had cookie crumbles on the top and he loved it.

Trevor tried the strawberry one but didn't like it.

This is mine, which both boys loved.

Next on the agenda was the MOSH (Museum of Science History) for the Magladon shark exhibit.  They were so excited to see this huge shark.  Brody is so into this stuff.

Digging for shark teeth

The boys have always loved the little play area at the bottom of the MOSH.  Well, this year Brody was too big to play in it and he did so good just sitting with me while Trevor played.  I did let him go over and help Trevor out.

We then decided to take the water taxi across to the North Riverbank and find some lunch.  The water taxi is now free - what a great win!!

Our view

The water taxi dropped us off at the Jacksonville Landing where we found some lunch.  I really wanted to find a food truck, but it was really hot and the boys were about to have a meltdown so I used my great mom instincts (not really) and settled on something close.

A view of the Northbank.

Since it was National Donut Day we decided to stop by Krispy Kreme for our FREE donut.  Brody was loving this one much better than his first.

Needless to say we were all pretty sugared up from the donuts that day so that makes it a great day!!