My Family

My Family

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ready for Kindergarten, but is Kindergarten ready for him??

Thursday, August 7 was a bittersweet day in the Singley house - Trevor started Kindergarten.  He was so excited, but this mama was a little sad.  It definitely makes it easier for me to handle since he was ready to go.

Supplies ready the night before

He was so excited to carry his new Star Wars backpack and lunch box.  As most of you may know he is not my good eater so we had been prepping him for lunch that he would not have time to talk during lunch or he wouldn't be able to finish his lunch - pretty much no talking.  Trying anything to make sure he ate his lunch, which consists of PB&J (cut into cool shapes to try and make interesting), Veggie Straws, carrots, and applesauce.

My boys growing up way too fast.

Our happy family.

I love these pictures.  Trevor has been here several times already with Brody so he felt right at home.

His teacher Mrs. Brown

Getting all used to his cubby

Yeah, can you believe these 2 ended up in the same class together AND they are sitting by each other (we shall see how long that lasts).  They were so excited and couldn't wait for school to start.  We should have some great stories this year.  Mrs. Brown will quickly learn when they are acting like brother and sister or best buds.  My guy looks so small, which he is one of the youngest in the class so he isn't the shortest - there are about 3 or 4 shorter than him.

 Already getting to work - hopefully Ava will help keep Trevor on track.  They never even looked back at us.  They were too excited.  No tears from them.

The kids had a great first and second day of school so it was a reason to celebrate!!  

Oh Trevor ate EVERYTHING in his lunch and is so proud to show me his empty lunchbox everyday!!

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