My Family

My Family

Monday, September 15, 2014

5 Year Checkup

On August 18 Trevor had his 5 year checkup and it was just me and him since Brody spent the afternoon with Nini.  Thankfully he had already had his shots so it was just a routine checkup - eyes, hearing, etc.  He was so cute taking his hearing test and passed it with flying colors.

He got to wear some pretty cool glasses for his vision test.  I am always a little worried about these tests since my vision is not so great.  He did ok but not 100%.   However, as I stood beside him I couldn't see some of them either and my vision is perfect now!!  No need for concern, thank goodness.

The BIG news of the visit was how tall Trevor was.  He finally reached 44" which is a HUGE milestone for him.  He is now tall enough to ride Space Mountain.  This was the first thing he said when the nurse told him he was 44" tall.  Of course he now asks almost everyday when are we going to Disney World?

We have been concerned about Trevor's feet and how they turn in when he walks.  Every year we have the doctor check his legs out and they always say they are fine.  However, this time Dr. Egan had him walk and immediately said he is very flat footed which causes his feet to turn in.  She suggested to visit a custom foot store down the street for some inserts to help his arch.   I guess it could be a lot worse and of course the apple doesn't fall from the tree since I am extremely flat footed.

We had to celebrate with Chick Fil A and a little play time.

 One excited little guy from a great checkup.

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