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My Family

Friday, September 12, 2014

Trevor Sayings - August

Some of you may have quickly realized that our 2 boys are quite different - Brody is all serious and Trevor is the complete opposite.  As a result, Trevor starting school has been quite an adventure.  Jason and I always knew that we would have our hands full with little T man.  Thankfully he isn't mean but just VERY sociable!!

I definitely didn't want to forget all of these funny, make me shake my head sayings that Trevor comes up with so I plan to post something monthly so I don't forget as well as you all can laugh but please pray!!

- It only took about 4 days before Trevor had to move his conduct clip.  If you are good you stay on the top of green, a warning puts you to the bottom of green and then yellow and then red.  Most of the time the reason he gets his clip moved is because he is talking on the carpet.  Well, about the 3rd time he got his clipped moved, I asked him what was so important to talk about that he needed to do so while Mrs. Brown was talking.  With the most serious face he says "God".  Of course I try not to smile or laugh and ask him what about God.  He says "The girl beside me said she gets scared at night and I told her she just needs to pray to God and He will take care of you".  What do you say to that?  Of course we aren't really sure how truthful he is because his best buddy Ava, who is in his class, told her parents that Trevor was talking about boogers when he got in trouble.  See, we really don't know when to believe him - I think we have a problem!!

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