My Family

My Family

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's Football Season!!

So if the first week of school wasn't crazy enough and my boys weren't already over exhausted, we thought we would take them to the preseason Jaguar game on Friday, August 8.  Now, most would say yeah great idea because it's a preseason game so you could leave early if you needed to.  Uh, NO not with my husband.  He and Adam have this philosophy or whatever that they stay until 0:00 on the clock.

The boys weren't really excited to go to the game but oh well.  When we arrived, we only had a few minutes before kickoff so of course Brody wanted to run through the obstacle course.

 The Jaguars don't enter the stadium through their locker room, but instead they enter from underneath the stadium which happens to be right beside our entrance we use to get to our seats.  If we don't arrive early enough it is roped off to allow the players to walk by, but this allowed Brody and Trevor to check out the players up close and get a few hand slaps.

Checking out the parachute guys coming into the stadium.

Of course my boys (mostly Trevor) got a little bored and started playing with my phone and here is what I found a few days later

Brody actually went to the 2nd preseason game - took my spot and loved it.  I hope I'm not being booted out of my seat!!

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