My Family

My Family

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Being a SAHM has its advantages

One of the benefits of being a stay at home mom is being able to volunteer in my boys' classes.  I really enjoy doing this because I really don't know how the teachers have time to do all that they do and still have a family so I don't mind lending a hand when I can.

The first week of September I was able to volunteer in Trevor's class for the first time.  He was really good, which I was shocked because you never now how your own children will be when they see you in their class.  He would just wave or say "Hey Mom".

I also get to have lunch with them on days that I volunteer so this day I had 2 great little lunch buddies.

When school started Stephanie text me and said "since both boys are in school now you might have some extra time so do you think we could make this cake for Ava's birthday?"  Haha - sure no problem.  So later that week I hung out at Stephanie's house for a few hours and we created this Frozen "masterpiece" for Ava's Frozen birthday party on Saturday, September 6.  Even though I felt it wasn't perfect, but Ava seeing it for the first time and saying it was AWESOME, made it all better.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Saturday Night Life

Our church recently started up a new Saturday night service called Saturday Night Life.  This is a more contemporary service for people who may not normally come to church on Sunday morning. There are lights, awesome music, and some great teaching.  Jason and I felt led to help out with the Creative part of the service which is the music, lights, sound, etc.  We are pretty excited about this new change in our church and what all God is going to do.

If you don't have a home church or want to try something different.  Join us on Saturday nights from 6:30 - 7:30 in the big building/gym on the FBC Callahan campus.

Random August Happenings

Towards the end of August our church held our annual Global Impact Celebration which is where we host missionaries from all over the world and show them our love and appreciation for all they do for the Kingdom of God.  It is also a time for us to set our mind on missions and how we can impact the world for Christ through giving, going and praying!!

On the Saturday of that week, the youth spend a few hours at the beach playing and focusing on what missions means to us and how we can be involved.  We heard from several youth who had recently gone to Africa on a missions trip.

A little football and volleyball

One afternoon, Stephanie sends me a text saying "Are you all dressed?"  What an odd text right.  My response "Yes, but why?"  She says you'll see soon and all of a sudden her and her mom and Ava drive up in this sporty little convertible.  Debbie's car was getting serviced so she was using this one and Ava wanted to come and take the boys for a ride.

Our annual fantasy football draft party at our house.  Some serious business going on here.

The real serious part is the food that we have.

Maddie was loving the cupcakes.

The kids always have a blast playing in the playroom and having their own little party.

School happenings

In August we had Open House at B & T's school.  They were so excited (especially Trevor) to be able  to show us what all they have done in school so far.

All of the kids in Trevor's class painted a picture of themselves and the parents were supposed to guess which one was our child.  Well, Jason and I didn't pick out Trevor's and we aren't sure what all the green stuff is on the bottom.  He says it is his shirt.  They also sang the Florida ABC's for the parents and it was so cute.

Every morning Stephanie and I walk these 2 cuties to class and they are so excited to be in school and don't even think twice about leaving their mama's.

School is wiping poor Trevor out.  I looked back one afternoon on the way home and here is what I found.

When we arrived home and I took him out of the car, I asked him if he wanted to lay on the couch some more and here is where he laid for over an hour.

Thank goodness school is going well and I pray it continues this way.

A BIG day

I can't believe I actually went through with this, but I did.  I loved it but it was getting a little straggly (is that a word).  Yes, I am talking about Trevor's hair.  Trevor has very fine hair but a lot of it and we have always kept it on the longer side.  Lately he has wanted his hair like Brody's - well that wasn't about to happen - I couldn't go though that ( and I'm not sure it would look right).  

Well I found a picture of a boy's hair that I thought was really cute (can a boy's hair be cute?) and took it to Leslie and said let's do it (of course making sure she thought it would work).  

Since more hair was coming off he was a little impatient and didn't want to sit for so long.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.  Trevor loves it because it is off his neck.  I may not cut it as short the next time and somehow we have to keep the hair going to the side instead of straight down.

 First day at school with his new hair.  He thought it was hilarious that people kept coming up to him saying "who are you" and acting like they didn't recognize him.  Looking like such a big boy now.

Monday, September 15, 2014

5 Year Checkup

On August 18 Trevor had his 5 year checkup and it was just me and him since Brody spent the afternoon with Nini.  Thankfully he had already had his shots so it was just a routine checkup - eyes, hearing, etc.  He was so cute taking his hearing test and passed it with flying colors.

He got to wear some pretty cool glasses for his vision test.  I am always a little worried about these tests since my vision is not so great.  He did ok but not 100%.   However, as I stood beside him I couldn't see some of them either and my vision is perfect now!!  No need for concern, thank goodness.

The BIG news of the visit was how tall Trevor was.  He finally reached 44" which is a HUGE milestone for him.  He is now tall enough to ride Space Mountain.  This was the first thing he said when the nurse told him he was 44" tall.  Of course he now asks almost everyday when are we going to Disney World?

We have been concerned about Trevor's feet and how they turn in when he walks.  Every year we have the doctor check his legs out and they always say they are fine.  However, this time Dr. Egan had him walk and immediately said he is very flat footed which causes his feet to turn in.  She suggested to visit a custom foot store down the street for some inserts to help his arch.   I guess it could be a lot worse and of course the apple doesn't fall from the tree since I am extremely flat footed.

We had to celebrate with Chick Fil A and a little play time.

 One excited little guy from a great checkup.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nice Park

One Saturday evening in August I wanted us all to go out and have a nice family night together - just get out of the house.  We first headed to TacoLu - one of our favorite restaurants lately.  The key is definitely getting there early so you don't have to wait.  We arrived a little before 6 and no wait!!

Afterwards we headed to one of the BEST parks around - South Beach Park in Jacksonville Beach.  It is so clean and there is so much for the kids to do.  The boys had a blast playing on everything.  I went a little picture happy but it was a beautiful night and I was playing with my camera :)

Love his face!!  So determined to pull up.

I even tried a little balance beam.

This was their favorite thing - all laughs and of course a little dizzy.

Jason trying to show them how to climb.

A beautiful sunset for our fun family night.