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My Family

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Trevor sayings - September

Of course most of Trevor's sayings happen at school and when his clipped gets moved.

- One day Trevor got on yellow - yes yellow.  I couldn't believe (well maybe I could).  I asked him what he did to get there and he said he couldn't remember the first one to move him to the bottom of green.  The next clip move to yellow he said is because he said "boomlakasha" (not sure where this came from) as he was walking to the carpet.  Of course this didn't sound right so I had to ask Stephanie to ask Ava why he moved his clip.  Her story was that he wouldn't stay seated on the carpet during carpet time.  Now this sounds more like it.  Thank goodness Ava is in there to keep him straight.

- Mrs. Brown was passing out graded papers and she passed out one to a girl next to Trevor and it was an 89.  Trevor said "that's not good".  Mrs. Brown quickly corrected him and said hers was good too.  He then says "Not as good as me".  It may have been the truth, but we took as a teachable moment of when to keep our mouth shut!!

- Trevor has started taking AR  (Accelerated Reader) tests and unfortunately is not doing so great.  We are struggling but trying not to make too big of a deal out of it, but at the same time explaining that he needs to focus on doing his best.  He has made a couple of really low scores answering only 1 question right.  One day he answered 3 questions right - which still isn't that great and so I was expressing to him that this isn't very good and we need to do better.  He says "it's better than a 33"  Well, yes Trevor it is!!

- Trevor asks "Does God like the Gators?"  Jason's answer "Yes, He does.  The sun is orange and the sky is blue". Trevor thought that was awesome!!

- Trevor informed me that he knew where rain came from "God is in heaven and walks around with a huge bucket and pours it down".  No need for meteorology here.

- One night he couldn't go to sleep and he said he couldn't go to sleep because he didn't have recess that day.

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