My Family

My Family

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cookin' up Some Fun

On Tuesday, September 23, CES held a Parent Night with the theme of "Cookin' up Some Fun".  For some reason Brody decided not to go, but Trevor was pretty excited about it.  When we arrived the place was packed.  The teachers paired up and put together a booth centered around food/cooking/ etc and giving us parents ideas on how to incorporate learning at home in a fun way.  There were so many tables with lots of cool ideas.  They really engaged the students and most of the tables Trevor came away with something to eat - which was a win win for him.

Learning to spell words using ABC CheezIts with Mrs. Brown

Learning fractions using graham crackers with Mrs. Maddox.

Making a pasta bracelet with Mrs. Janan which helped us learn to count.

Putting together words (toppings on a pizza) using suffixes with Mrs. Ray.

Cookie math with Mrs. Proffit.

He also made edible play dough, made a grocery list, played hopscotch and many other things.  He had a blast and we came home with lots of new ideas and he came home with a full belly.

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