My Family

My Family

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Homecoming in a small town

On September 26, our hometown celebrated homecoming which is a HUGE deal - roads are closed and people line the streets a couple hours early to get a spot.  I know crazy right?  Well, Stephanie and I checked our kids out of school a couple of hours before the parade so we could grab lunch and hang out before the parade.

After lunch at McDonalds (along with all of Callahan it seemed) we hung out at her Nana's house and then would walk down the street to watch the parade.

Ava and Trevor made these tomahawks in class so the kids could show their school spirit.

The parade actually goes through the elementary parking lot so all the kids who aren't checked out get to watch the parade (but no candy is passed out).

Our mascot - Warriors.  Not sure what happened to our real Indian who rode a horse.  I guess we resorted to riding a golf cart :)

We had so much candy because there weren't a lot of kids where we were sitting so our 3 kids had full bags when the parade was done.

 Small Town, Big Dreams was the Homecoming theme.

On day's like this, it makes me happy to live in a small town.  There can be a lot of downfalls but being able to watch a homecoming parade where so many people are a part is a lot of fun and brings back a lot of memories from when I was part of the parade.

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