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My Family

Monday, October 27, 2014

First Field Trips

Yes, the title is plural.  Can you believe that both boys had their first field trips on the SAME day - October 7!!  That is a big deal for this mama but what was really bad is that I didn't even realize it until about 2 weeks before the big day (after I paid to be a chaperone for both).  Since it was Trevor's very FIRST field trip, I went with him.  Actually Brody was very fine with me not going with him.  Thankfully mom was able to go with him, which made him very happy!!

Trevor's trip was to the Children's Hands on Museum.

His first ride on a school bus.  Trevor and Ava were so excited to be able to ride the bus for the first time - what is it about those big yellow busses?

Getting their instructions on what they will be doing while they are there.

Best buddies

One of the first places Trevor and Ava went to was the grocery store.  I especially liked that it was a Winn Dixie since Jason works at the Corporate Office so we are big supporters of the grocery chain!!

Sara and Trevor doing some shopping.

This was one of the girls' dads and he was hilarious and the kids loved him.  He got right in there and acted like it was a real store and helped the kids ring up all of the groceries.  He even sent them on price checks, told them how much they saved, and how much in fuel perks they have.

Time for the bank - Stephanie was trying to get them to give her some money.  Speaking of Stephanie - she was due with baby Liam in 7 days from this point so kudos to this mom!!

The kids had so much fun running around and playing with everything for a couple of hours.  They definitely had adrenaline rush as they bounced from station to station for the first 30 minutes or so to make sure they saw everything.  The parents tried to stay with them for the first part but by the end you would see us looking around for our child and other parents were always willing to say if they had seen them - the beauty of a small town where you know so many people.

Lunch time but we only packed a couple of snacks because Stephanie and I decided to take the 2 of them to eat lunch at Moe's, which was a win win for both!!

Brody headed to UNF to walk the trails, which was right up mom's alley so it worked out great.

 With his favorite 2nd grade teacher - if only she would cheer for the right team - she is a Noles fan.  However, poor Brody can't get a winning season for his team but he still cheers "Go Gators" and keeps holding out for a teacher who likes the Gators.

This makes me extra glad that I chose the right field trip to go on because they saw 4 snakes that day and 3 of them were pigmy rattlers.  Mrs. Calhoun is a snake lover so she was having a blast.

What even makes this crazier is that later that afternoon, I receive a text from my dad saying he found and took care of a "friend" for me at the house today.  I said what???  Yeah, he saw this thing slithering in between our garage and house and went back to the house to grab his gun and got rid of it for me.  I HATE SNAKES and they ALL need to die.  Earlier in the day Mrs. Calhoun sent me a message saying that I missed out on a good field trip because of all the snakes.  Well, I told her I hate snakes and if I saw any at my house I would send them her way (she lives right across our field).  Well, who knew that my dad would find this at our house that day.

This was a 4 foot diamondback with 10 rattles.  We haven't seen any major snakes at our house the entire 13 years at our house so this was a little scary.  Needless to say I have been on edge since then.

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