My Family

My Family

Friday, October 31, 2014

Disney Weekend - part 1

The boys were out of school on the Friday before Columbus Day so we decided to head to Disney World for a long weekend to celebrate Trevor growing to 44" and could now ride Space Mountain.  I think he asked everyday since his doctor appointment back in September when we were going to Disney World - someone was a little excited.  We didn't tell them we were going until about a week before and excitement filled the air in the Singley house.

The only hiccup was that Trevor decided to show his entire Kindergarten class what he had for breakfast that Thursday morning.  He had told me his stomach didn't feel that good once we arrived to school but I kind of blew it off because he didn't have a fever and I couldn't have him staying home and missing school just because I thought he had to go to the bathroom.   He looked pretty pitiful.  We made it down to the classroom and asked Mrs. Brown to see if he felt warm to her.  She said no and as soon as he turned back around to me, there it came.  Oh yeah!!  Mrs. Brown made the  quick decision for her and the class to go hang out in the cafeteria.  I felt so bad for not believing Trevor.  We got cleaned up as much as we could and of course went back home.

However, our plans were still on for Disney as soon as Jason got home from work.  Only a couple more episodes from Trevor that day and one being in the Deltona Chick Fil A bathroom (thankfully we made it to the toilet).  He looked so pitiful.  He still didn't have a fever so not really sure what was going on (he had the same type thing a week prior to this).

I had reserved fast passes for that night for Soarin' - just in case we had time.  Well, we did and Trevor actually said he felt ok and was ready to ride - yeah we were those parents but he didn't have a fever so we felt he was ok.

Thank goodness there were no episodes on that ride or for the rest of the weekend.  He didn't eat much that weekend though!!  We headed to our hotel - Caribbean Beach to rest up for a long day on Friday.  I highly recommend Caribbean Beach resort.  It is on property and is very clean.

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