My Family

My Family

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Trevor's 4 year old photo shoot

A few weeks ago Trevor was out of school for a couple of days and I decided to go and take his 4 year old pictures.  Yes, I know his birthday was back in August – but I just couldn’t get around to finding the right time to take them.  I decided to go to the zoo to take them and he was so excited.

Of course there were lots of bribes to make sure he took good pictures first and then he could play.  He is our child who likes to look away at the last minute and not at the camera.  I don’t always need him looking at the camera but I would like a few really good ones.  Thankfully it wasn’t crowded and we got some really good shots so scroll fast if you are in a hurry because I put in a lot.

Doesn't he look like a little man here?

Trying to capture those beautiful lashes.

One of the many crazy faces he loves to make.  He just makes me smile (most of the time)

Even though he thought we were done with pictures and he was playing in the play area – I was still able to get a few good shots of him in action.

Yes, I am 4 mom!!

My sweet baby boy isn't much of a baby anymore but I of course still call him that in a loving manner.  He keeps us laughing most of the time and is full of joy.  We love him to the moon and back!!

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