My Family

My Family

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Senior Costume Party

Sunday, November 3 we had our annual Seniors Costume party at the house.  This year we 4 teachers decided to go as the 50's.  This was a little more difficult than I had thought - but thankfully we didn't have to take any last minute trips somewhere to get our costume.

Our cool guys !

We have a rule at our costume parties - you must come in costume and if you don't then we will provide one for you 

The students did great this year in coming up with some unique costumes. 

We even had a couple of last year's students join us. 

Our wild and crazy group. 

There was some major ping pong action going on. There was a lot of smack talking towards Jason but none of them could follow thru with their actions. Jason still rules his table. 

While ping pong was going on the rest of us played a little Halloween pictionary. 

More ping pong action. 

It was then time for Walking Dead. These kids love this show but I just can't watch it. 

We are so blessed with such a great group of students this year. I love it when they feel comfortable enough to come
over and hang out. 

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