My Family

My Family

Friday, December 20, 2013

School Fun

Thursday, November 21 was Thanksgiving lunch at Brody's school.  I'm not a huge fan of the school food - never was and Brody doesn't really eat it either.  I think he would but I felt like I could make his lunch cheaper!!  Anyway, we did decide to eat the Thanksgiving lunch and it wasn't too bad - except for the green beans which were not Mr. Danny's!!  

All parents were invited and the cafeteria was full that day.  Mrs. Ray decorates her 2 tables for us and it was very sweet.

That evening, my mom and I went with the boys to the school to the BINGO night - Connect 4 Reading.  Brody had a blast last year and came home with lots of books so we didn't want to miss out this year and I thought Trevor might enjoy it this time.

Trevor was the first of us who had BINGO and he was so excited.  He went to the back with Mrs. Proffit and the librarian (who happened to be one of his Sunday School teachers a couple of years ago) helped him pick out a book.

His first book.

Full concentration.

Finally - he won.  I was definitely the unlucky one out of the four of us.  Whenever mom or I would win we would give our ticket to one of the boys and they would go back and get a book.  Well mom's first win Brody was so sweet and came back with a book that he thought mom would like.  Needless to say we told him he could pick out a book he would like and not have to worry about one for us.

However, Trevor still came home with about 7 books.

Brody came home with about 10 or so.  It was definitely a very productive night.  We paid $4 for pizza and came home with about 18 books.  Well worth it.

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