My Family

My Family

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Monster Truck

In the middle of November, our church hosted a huge Monster Truck show for our entire town.  Yes, we were thinking outside the box.  To promote the show, one of the trucks showed up at the high school for a pep rally.

When we arrived to the fairgrounds 10 minutes before the doors open this was the sight we saw.  It was definitely a good sign of how many people would be coming out to this thing.

All excited to be able to take a ride on the big truck

For $5 you could take a ride on the big truck around the arena.  The boys had a blast.

We estimated about 2500 people in attendance so we were very happy.  Of course the main goal of our Monster Truck show was to be able to tell people about Jesus' love for them.

Our pastor and his wife having a front row seat.

 Time for the big show.  Since I was there to take pictures for Bro. Todd, I had front and center access which was VERY loud - thankfully we all had ear plugs.  While I took pictures the boys hung out on the side with some of our senior high students and Jason

The price to get in was a can good item - we definitely made some people very happy and full.

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