My Family

My Family

Friday, December 13, 2013

In all kinds of weather

Saturday, November 9 we decided to surprise the boys with tickets to a Gator football game in the Swamp!!  Brody has been begging to go and lately he is all into football (not that he is going to play), so we thought Homecoming 2013 would be a good day.  We found some great seats via Craigslist and headed down early Saturday morning for a fun family day at the Swamp. 

We arrived a few hours before kickoff and were able to watch the “player walk” which is a huge deal at Florida.  People line this area and watch as the players get off the bus and walk into the stadium.  The band, cheerleaders and of course Albert and Alberta are there.  The boys thought it was so cool as the players walked by and gave them high five.

We still had a few hours until kickoff so we walked around the campus and let the boys check out the college campus.  First stop to see the Heisman Trophy winners

My favorites - Tim Tebow

Steve Spurrier

Danny Wuerffel

Headed to the baseball field

When we arrived to the baseball field, Brody informed us that he was going to go to school here and play baseball, golf, tennis and be on the swim team.  Looks like he will be quite busy.

A coworker of Jason's who has season tickets to the Gator games told Jason to let Brody bring along his football and head to the practice field.  There was no one out there and the boys thought it was pretty cool to be on the field.

Testing out their quarterback skills

Of course Trevor my little linebacker tested his skills out as well.

Off to Ben Hill and here is what we were greeted with.

We were about 40 rows up from the field and on the 25 yard line.  They were great seats.

The one thing about the Swamp is they are bench seats and they expect you to be extremely thin so you are packed in like sardines.

Pride of the Sunshine State!!

One of the traditions at the Swamp is Mr 2 Bits who was an older man who would go around and get the fans excited and yell out the chant 2 Bits.  Now they have Gator alumni come back and play Mr. 2 Bits.  Today's game was past football player Chris Doering.

Here come the Gators!!

We were pretty close and had a great view of the Gator bench.

Trevor didn't make it too long and was out for almost the whole first half.  See how cramped it was.

Well, this definitely wasn't the year for the Gators because we they lost 17 to 34 on Homecoming - Embarrassing!!

One last picture with Albert and Alberta.

Even though we lost and Brody even got a little upset because it was a terrible game, I think they still enjoyed themselves and still love their Gators!!

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