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My Family

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Time for some Basketball

Brody has been so excited to start playing basketball so when the time came for Upwards to start up this year he was definitely ready.  Jason is the coach of Brody's team the Sidekicks and there are only 5 boys on the team so everyone gets to play all the time.  Of course we were a little nervous this year in hopes it would not be a repeat of the crying year we had last year.

The Kindergarten teams practice for 30 minutes before their 30 minute game each week.

The Sidekicks

Prayer time before the game

 Game Time!!

The rules in Upwards is that each player on the team has a different color armband and are supposed to only guard the other team's same color arm band as they have.  You can see Brody below guarding #15 in white.  Let me just say, it is very difficult for the the person Brody is guarding to get a shot off because defense is definitely Brody's strong point.  There are times when we have to tell him playing defense is not grabbing or holding the other person.  For the most part he just stays right on them and is relentless.

Brody's first game was a huge success and thank goodness there were no tears.  He made a couple of shots which is always a plus and dribbled very well and of course played some awesome defense.

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