My Family

My Family

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Back to School Bash

Since I was out of town for half of Brody's Christmas break, I decided we needed to go have some fun on the Monday before he went back to school (even though I had a dentist appointment that morning).  I rushed home after the appointment and around 11:00 we headed to Chuck E Cheese.  They had no idea and I love to surprise them even though Brody does NOT like surprises - he wants to know right then.

They were so excited and had a blast rushing around to all of the different games.  Usually Trevor just thinks he is playing the games so doesn't need any tokens - well this has changed.  He quickly caught on that he needed a token to play.  

They earned some tickets - but not as many as some people I saw in there.  BTW - how in the world do these people get so many tickets?  Not that I need anymore of the "treasures" in my house.  The boys were able to bring home a couple of things each and were happy with that.

Meeting Chuck E while dancing and getting extra tickets!!

Of course after Chuck E Cheese we had to find some ice cream and so we settled on a CFA milkshake - doesn't get much better than that.

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