My Family

My Family

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Great report card

The Friday of the week back to school, report cards came out.  When I picked Brody up from school, I asked the normal questions about how his day went.  He then told me he got his report card which he casually said had a lot of E's on it.  Oh really?  I was pretty excited to see that he had ALL E's.  He had brought up his Writing and Handwriting grades from last 9 weeks so it was definitely a reason to celebrate.

We decided to head to Ollie Koala's and Adam, Stephanie and Ava came along to help in the celebration.  Brody picked Moe's for dinner which was a great choice - they love to say "Welcome to Moe's" and actually Trevor will eat a quesadilla which is always a plus.

After a great dinner, the kids had a blast playing games and running through the mazes

Even the adults got in on the funl

Stephanie took her turn to teach Trevor how to shoot.

We had a great time celebrating Brody's awesome report card.  Let's hope he always keeps it up.

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