My Family

My Family

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Attack of the Squinkies

Thanks to Trevor's good friend Ava, she got him hooked on these little tiny soft toys called squinkies.  Everytime we would go to her house, the 2 of them would play with all of her girl squinkies.  He loved them.  Well, thanks to Ava's mom, Stephanie she knew exactly what Trevor was getting for his birthday back in August - his first pack of squinkies.  So the saga begins.

Of course for Christmas he received 3 more packs of these little squishy things.  I guess I am to blame as well, but he really does love them and plays with them all of the time.

One day Trevor decided to line up all his squinkies and my oh my at the line.

I'm sure we have lost several along the way and it's amazing where some of them turn up, but he usually always will have a couple with him at all times.

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