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My Family

Monday, February 25, 2013

A crazy 3 year old

I know I have blogged about Trevor and his eating habits before but it is really necessary to do so again because it is driving us crazy.  I have never heard of any other child who has these type of eating habits.  Yeah, there are people who always say, their child is so picky and only eats chick n nuggets and mac n cheese.  Well here are a few specifics on Trevor's eating habits:

  • He can never sit still during a meal.  He would rather be playing and just graze from his plate all day.
  • His favorite lunch food is pb&j
  • He loves lettuce, turkey, cheese and crackers and quesadillas
  • Dinner is not a very enjoyable time at our house.  Trevor never seems to want to eat when it is time.  We have started giving him only water to drink at dinnertime.  
  • He won't even try foods.  He acts like he isn't hungry until about 5 minutes after he gets down and then he wants a snack.
  • We have cut out all snacks during the day unless he eats his prior meal.  This of course doesn't make him happy.
  • Most of the time this will help him eat his meal knowing that he won't get snacks.
  • We have decided to make him sit at dinner and eat - no going to his room or going to bed early.  That didn't seem to be a punishment for him - sitting at the table was!!  However, it is painful for us (mostly Jason) to sit there the entire time to make him eat.  Trevor even gets to the point like he can't hold a spoon or fork - crazy!!  It is so frustrating.
Since Trevor likes lettuce, one day I decided to put some baby spinach on his plate as "lettuce".  He loved it and ate it like crazy.

Trevor is enjoying picking out his own clothes.  Since we mostly stay at home and then just go pick up Brody - his clothes are fair game as in the outfit below.

Such a cute face !!

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  1. I interviewed a mother of 8 children last year, just before Mother's Day, and one of the questions I asked her was about picky eaters. I was curious to see if she cooked several different things to accommodate all those wants, but she said NO WAY! She explained that she cooks one meal and if the kids say they don't like it and want to leave the table she lets them go, but doesn't give them any kind of snack later in the evening. If they complain that their hungry, she points to their dinner plate (which she leaves out until they go to bed). If it's still not eaten, she wraps it up and puts in the fridge for them to eat for breakfast, or snack the following day. Pretty hardcore, but she swears it works...