My Family

My Family

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Brody vs Baylie

Brody and Baylie play on different teams in Upwards, so this was the first time they would be playing against each other - so they thought.  We were short a player and Baylie's team had an extra so Baylie was sweet enough to join our team to play.  She guarded Colleen the other girl on her real team.  It was so cute to see Brody and Baylie on the same team - even though last year it was really funny watching them guard each other - they have definitely improved over the year.

Introducing the players and Brody is running through.

After the game - Baylie as a Sidekick for the day.

After the game, the kids have been begging us to blow up one of their Christmas presents from Nini - a Giga ball.  Thank goodness for the air compressor because it would have taken forever without it!!

The Giga ball is a huge ball that you climb into and walk around or roll down the hill - aka drain fill as we have down here in the south.  Brody climbing in

Trevor ready to push



Trevor's turn

Of course once Jason and I went inside, they decided to both get in and roll around.  They love this thing and I'm sure they will get into lots of trouble.

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