My Family

My Family

Saturday, February 23, 2013

CFA Craft Night

Jason has started playing basketball on Tuesday nights at a nearby church gym.  This happens to be the same night as Chick Fil A has their Kids Night.  Stephanie and I decided to take the kids to eat and enjoy the craft before the game.

The craft of the night was making a bird - 3 little birds!

The kids seemed to enjoy the time and Stephanie and I enjoyed some great adult conversation.

It was then time for the basketball game.  It's always interesting taking my boys to the game.  We try to watch the game but somehow they seem to always venture to the stage area in the gym and hang out at the steps - and of course even though we tell them not to they end up on the stage.  So you hear a lot of NO, come down, don't throw the car that far, etc, etc!!

One Tuesday night all of the kids were there - Brody, Trevor & Ava,  Bradyn, and Devin and Ryan's 3.  That was an interesting night for sure - not even sure who won that game because it was a little difficult to watch the game.

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