My Family

My Family

Friday, August 13, 2010

Global Impact Week has begun

OK, I'm a little behind now. I started this blog a few weeks ago when GIC actually started and then somehow I got side tracked - I don't know how that could ever happen.

Every August at our church we hold what is called Global Impact Celebration. This is a time when we invite missionaries from all over the world who we prayerfully and financially support. Our church has adopted an Acts 1:8 strategy so our missionaries come from Jerusaleum (right in Callahan and surrounding close towns), Judea (a day drive away), Samaria (US), and The Ends of the Earth (Anywhere outside the US). This is always an exciting time in our church to see how God is working in our missionaries lives and to see how God is going to speak in our own lives.

I was so looking forward to this year's GIC because I missed last year's GIC since I had just had Trevor and there was no leaving the house. Our celebration included a kickoff "meeting" which was WONDERFUL - the music was great. I was actually running lights for this (please understand that the lights were already preset so all I had to do was hit a button to go to next cue). However, I did learn very quickly that you can't really get caught up in the worship time because it is very easy to miss a cue.

We also had a banquet with food from all parts of the world- Africa (like beef stew), China (local Chinese restaurant in Callahan), Honduras (local Mexican restaurant, and American (none other than our famous Callahan BBQ). During this time, Brody and Trevor enjoyed their time in the nursery - I am very thankful that our church provides this so we as parents can enjoy the celebration.
On Sunday, Trevor was dressed in his Chinese outfit actually purchased in China that has now been worn twice by Brody and once by Trevor - I think we got our $$ worth - all of about $5 for the outfit. However, I am sad to say that I did not get any pictures of him in it. Sunday's are just crazy for us.

As always during GIC we are asked to think and pray about where God would have us go on a missions trip. Jason and I have been on 2 mission trips together and I have been on 1 without him. Our first trip was to Africa to teach Upwards basketball to the kids there - this was prekids. WOW!! What an experience. God taught me so much during that trip - mostly how to trust HIM seeing that my luggage NEVER arrived so I had to borrow clothes from the other 3 ladies with me - THANK YOU JESUS THEY CAME PREPARED. Boy, that was a learning and humble experience but can you believe God provided everything - AMAZING huh?

In our African attire - my custom made dress.

One of Jason's players on the team he coached - pretty tall guy!!

My 2 translators. They took care of me.

Our 2nd trip was to Yushi, China with our Youth. This was in 2007 and Brody was 5 months old. Yes, we were crazy but we have wonderful family who took care of him. What a long flight but so worth it. There were definitely times out of my comfort zone but it was wonderful to see how interested the nationals were to be around us and just want to talk to us, which gave us the opportunity to share Jesus with them.

Doing their morning exercises.
Grasshoppers - part of first meal.
Jason trying to explain how it tastes - I'm just trying to get it down. It really wasn't too bad - very crispy.

The other trip was to the United Nations in NYC. Yes, I know you may be thinking a missions trip to NYC - but 3 of us went to assist Bro. Ken in his office to help prepare for a National Prayer Breakfast for all of the Ambassadors from all over the world. So Bro. Ken has the opportunity to reach people all over the world just by staying here in the US.

Hard at work.

I have been praying to see where God is leading me to go this upcoming year. I can't wait to see what's in store.

One Busy Drill

I am sad to say that we have been in our house for almost 9 years and there has been a hallway with NOTHING on the wall until this past week. With 2 kids comes LOTS of pictures. You spend all this money on pictures but you run out of room on where to put them. A couple months back I had thought why not utilize the blank hallway between the boys room. I sure have enough pictures to do it.

So off to stores I went trying to find reasonable priced black frames. I didn't want to have to take out a loan just to buy frames for the wall. Thankfully I found some great deals thanks to Kohls, Joann's & Ikea. It did take some major convincing to get my husband to break out the drill and put these up for me.

I used their 3, 6, 9 month & 1 year pictures and I am so happy with how the wall turned out.

I am especially happy with the 2 frames from Ikea on the opposite wall.

Before these frames went up, Jason put the drill to use putting up some shelves in Trevor's room. Yes, Trevor is a year old now and I am still trying to finish up his room. I just couldn't decide what I wanted to put in his room. I must confess I still have a blank spot but oh well.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Birthday celebration - 1 Style!!

On Saturday evening, we celebrated Trevor's 1st birthday with about 20 or so people. I tried to not go too overboard so I wouldn't be so stressed. I feel that I was successful with that since we just had Callahan BBQ cater most of the food. I needed to make sure to focus on the CAKE - since I was making it!! The theme we went with was #1 and bold colors. Because really what is a 1 year old into?

Just as I assumed, Trevor wasn't really interested in his presents. We bought him his own little chair with his name on it so he enjoyed that. He was interested for the first present and then there were several times through out the presents that he ventured off to other parts of the room. He is such a busy body and doesn't like to stay in one spot. Of course Brody was more interested in the new toys than Trevor and Brody kept asking when we could open up the toy and play with it. It's amazing that a 3 1/2 year old can still enjoy a 1 year old toy. Trevor received 3 new riding toys which I know he will love.

Really enjoying the tissue paper

When it was time for cake, I really thought he was going to tear it up since he really loved the cupcake on his actual birthday. I guess I should have just had another cupcake with soft icing because he didn't really care for the cake (it was like a pound cake) and the icing wasn't as fluffy. Also, when you have 20 pairs of eyes staring at you you might get a little timid.

Trevor seemed to have a good time as he showed off his new walking skills and called it a night at 9:00. He had partied enough for one night.

My Little Man Turns One

I cannot believe how fast this past year has flown by. It really does seem like yesterday
  • that I worked a full day of work on August 3, 2009 and now realize that I had been having contractions throughout the day.

  • Got to the hospital a little before 8PM that night still not thinking what I was feeling were contractions

  • Got in the bed at 8:12PM to see how far along I was and my little boy was born 7 minutes later. Yes, NO medicine - this was NOT by choice. I was always a firm believer that God made epidurals for a reason and I intended to always use them - I guess God had other plans.
What a whirlwind of an evening. So as I sit here and type this and think back to this past year a smile comes to my face at the joy Trevor has brought into our lives. Yes, I will be the first to admit that having 2 is very different and a HUGE change but it's definitely something I am very thankful for.

This past month has been a lot of firsts for Trevor:

  • He is now drinking whole milk - which is a raise in our pocket - YEAH!!

  • He is now facing forward in his car seat so he can see the world

  • He took his first steps on July 19 and was walking about 9 steps or so

  • Within 3 days he is walking ALL over the place

  • He had his first haircut

  • I still struggle on what to feed him - he loves to feed himself which causes a mess sometimes

  • He has started eating yogurt which he loves. He also loves crackers, grapes, and cheese

  • We tried to get rid of the bottle when he turned 1 but this isn't going to be an easy transistion

  • He still drools ALL the time and is constantly wearing a bib

  • He is finally enjoying reading a book before he goes to bed

  • He is sleeping about 11-12 hours at night and about 2 - 2 hour naps during the day

  • He loves his big brother and wants to do everything he does

  • He has started saying ROAR when he sees a dinosaur - thanks to big brother

  • He can wave, blow kisses, and clap

  • He says ma ma, da da, and bye bye

  • He had his first real sweets - check out the cake pictures below of his birthday cupcake

It never fails that if I have had a bad day, I can see Trevor's smile and it will make me feel so much better. He is such a happy baby and we are so blessed to have 2 sweet healthy boys. I pray I never take that for granted and my prayer is that I will be able to be a Godly mother to my boys.

1 Year Old Photo Shoot

The Friday before Trevor's birthday we went and had his pictures made. It's always such a big deal for pictures with me - what to wear, will he have eaten at the right time, will he smile, will he be too tired. I know I really shouldn't be concerned with things like this since it's out of my control - just let it go right?

I had the clothes picked out and we were all ready. We got some really good shots and even Brody joined in on the action. I didn't think I would work so hard at getting Trevor to smile and keeping him in one spot, but I was sweating by the end of the photo shoot. Here are my favorite poses.

Holding the football just like he is supposed to.

I am in shock - I am 1

2 sweet boys

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Water Park Day

Jason's brother and family are back in America. Daniel is in the Marines and has been stationed in Japan for 3 years and they have now moved back to South Carolina. Their son Caleb is a year older and he and Brody love playing together. Since they were down visiting, we thought we would spend a day at Adventure Landing water park. We went last year in Sept and only the little toddler area was open. This time the full park was open so the kids had a blast. However, Brody wouldn't go down the BIG slides but he had a lot of fun running around the kiddie area, going down their slides and swimming in the wave pool.

Caleb & Brody loved this squirt zones. Not sure the people walking by enjoyed the squirts.

The half pipe - the adults even got in on the fun. Here's Jason going down the half pipe. When I went down it - I think everyone in the park heard me scream.What a happy little man. He even took a little 30 minute nap towards the end of the day. He was a trooper thru the long day. We had a blast and I could see us going again as long as we have a coupon to get in.