My Family

My Family

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Disney Cruise - Day 1

I really cant believe that I am posting about our first Disney cruise.  My boys (and myself) have been so excited about our cruise - my parents (well maybe just my mom) were excited as well.  We had it booked since about June but the boys found out in August right after Trevors birthday.  It was their birthday present even though we would actually be on the cruise on Brodys birthday.  We had this countdown frame going for over 100 days.  It was hard to believe that it was time to set sail.

Our first view of our ship in Port Canaveral.

I scheduled us to board the ship around 11:30 so we could get on as early as possible to enjoy all that the ship had for us.  I had researched so much stuff before hand in trying to make sure we didn't miss anything.  We had a separate bag to keep with us in case the boys wanted to go swimming and we wouldn't be able to get into our room for a few hours.

Our first cruise picture:

Captain Mickey

A little walk around the boat to check things out.

Mickey Ears!!

Another reason to get on the boat early was to take advantage of the buffet.

I told dad don't worry about eating breakfast because there was all you can eat boiled shrimp.  He was pretty excited.

This is one of our favorite spots on the ship - especially Trevor and Brody.  Wait, what am I saying it was all of ours.  I told myself I was not going to limit their ice cream intake during our vacation - it's a cruise right?  They definitely took advantage of it.

The boys were pretty excited to get into their bathing suits and try out the slides.  Unfortunately, neither one of them were tall enough to ride the Aqua Duck by themselves which meant Jason had to ride with them each time.  Thankfully it was sunny, however, it was still kind of chilly and with the wind blowing and the COLD water it was pretty cold - but that didn't stop the boys from the slide.

The one downside with the boat was the pool size, but really all pools on all boats are small.  They didn't really swim too much in the pool, but had to try it out the first day.

Movies on the deck

 Around 3:30 our rooms were ready and the boys were pretty excited to check it out.

Oh yeah, a balcony.

Of course, my little rule follower had to try out the life jacket and make sure he understood how it worked.  Thank goodness he had it all under control in case something happened, he could take care of us.

One of the things I had found while researching was that a lot of people decorated their cabin door.  I really got into and the boys loved having this stuff on the door.

Papa and Nini even had some for their door.

4:30 was the sail away party on the main deck.

The boys had heard and seen so much about Andy's Room and the Oceaneers club.  We went during an open house so they could get accustomed to it.  I had a feeling they would be spending A LOT of time in this area.  I felt completely safe leaving them there because Disney checks them in and they each had bands to let us know where they were at all times.  If for some reason, either of them was ready to leave the club area then Disney would send me a text on the Disney provided phones to let me know they were ready to be picked up.

We signed up for early dinner because we didn't think they would be able to make it to late dinner because they would be so tired and cranky - I think we made the right decision.  Let me just say the food on the boat was AWESOME!!!  I loved selecting foods that I had always wanted to try but never really wanted to pay the price in case I didn't like it.  Now was my opportunity.  I didn't want to cause too much of a scene with Trevor not eating, so thankfully he did ok.

Our first meal was in the Enchanted Garden.

This was my first new selection - mushrooms.  I think I picked something from each category EVERY night.

Their favorite part - a Mickey bar.

My dessert

Our wait staff was the best!!  He did something for us each night.  The first night was balancing forks on a wine bottle.  The boys loved it.

While planning the trip, I wasn't even thinking the boat would be decorated for Christmas, so this was added bonus.

After dinner, we had our show.  However, the boys had no interest in going.  They just wanted to go to the Oceaneer's club.  I was a little disappointed that I didn't have them go with us to at least one show so they could at least experience one.  However, this was their vacation as well and they wanted to go to the club EVERY night after dinner.  Well, ok then.  So the 4 adults enjoyed a peaceful show every night, while the boys had a blast at the club.

After the show, me Jason and mom would explore the boat and see what else we could find to do - family karaoke, game shows, etc.

Yes, this is a picture inside the bathroom.  It was a round room with a mirror for the ceiling.

A fancy pink champagne room - we didn't partake but I just thought it was a cool room.

A little fun after the club.

Our first night time creation.

The boys thought this was the coolest thing because they didn't have any idea how they were going to sleep with just the couch.  They did take turns sleeping on the top because hey they are boys and bunk beds are the coolest, but I don't want them at our house because I would like to try and stay out of the ER.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

November Happenings

A few random things that went on in November....

We are still enjoying our fire pit.

Mom and Dad went out of town for the weekend, so we did a little dog sitting for them - isn't she the cutest thing.  The only thing is that our 2 dogs don't really play well together.  There was one time when Leah hid out under the chair I was sitting in and wouldn't let anyone try to get her out.

My boys got into the Rainbow Loom craze.  However, it ends up being me doing them.  They start them and then get to a point where they need help, so I think it will be an easy thing but I end up having to redo the bands because they made a small mistake in putting the bands on.  This was the first bigger piece we did.

The boys got a bigger tree for their playroom this year and were very excited to get it all decorated.

This was the first year we had the entire Thanksgiving week off, so we celebrated the first day by going to Chuck E Cheese.  They had a blast of course and the great thing is that it is pretty cheap fun.

Mom's birthday was November 29 - the day after Black Friday shopping so we celebrated by going to get manicures and pedicures.  It was very convenient since we were leaving for our cruise on the following Monday.  I hadn't had a pedicure in a LONG time ( I usually handle my own toes) - however, this was quite nice.