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My Family

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Trevor's Field Trip

During the month of November the Jacksonville Zoo ran a special that all kids were free, so of course the Kindergarten class jumped at the chance to take a field trip.  Of course it was forecasted to be THE coldest day we had had in awhile. 

Stephanie and I along with Liam met the busses there (ALL kindergarten classes were going – so over 200 kids). 

We were all bundled up for the cold weather.  I'm pretty sure Liam was the warmest of all.

We had 4 kids and 3 parents with us in our group.  One day Trevor will look back at this and think he was one lucky boy - hanging out with 3 girls.

We let them pick what they wanted to see.  Mrs. Brown had a bag of stuff for them that included a scavenger hunt and little snacks so we had to make sure we were able to find the items on the scavenger hunt.

I think this was the first time we had seen the jaguar this close.  He is usually sleeping in hiding or way in the back of the exhibit.

The tiger exhibit was a huge hit and thankfully the tigers were out roaming.

A little visit with Mrs. Brown.

Triana is so funny.  She found this little guy on the sidewalk and picked him right up.  A zoo worker walked by and I think about had a heart attack that she was going to harm the poor lizard.  He told her to put it down on the grass and be gentle.

Oh yeah, that's mine at the top with his fingers in the gorilla's nose.

Best buddies

The advantage of driving is that we were able to leave when all the kids started to eat lunch and we took our 2 to eat at Tijuana Flats.  They were pretty excited and of course had a blast hanging out with their friends at the zoo for the day.

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