My Family

My Family

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

November Happenings

A few random things that went on in November....

We are still enjoying our fire pit.

Mom and Dad went out of town for the weekend, so we did a little dog sitting for them - isn't she the cutest thing.  The only thing is that our 2 dogs don't really play well together.  There was one time when Leah hid out under the chair I was sitting in and wouldn't let anyone try to get her out.

My boys got into the Rainbow Loom craze.  However, it ends up being me doing them.  They start them and then get to a point where they need help, so I think it will be an easy thing but I end up having to redo the bands because they made a small mistake in putting the bands on.  This was the first bigger piece we did.

The boys got a bigger tree for their playroom this year and were very excited to get it all decorated.

This was the first year we had the entire Thanksgiving week off, so we celebrated the first day by going to Chuck E Cheese.  They had a blast of course and the great thing is that it is pretty cheap fun.

Mom's birthday was November 29 - the day after Black Friday shopping so we celebrated by going to get manicures and pedicures.  It was very convenient since we were leaving for our cruise on the following Monday.  I hadn't had a pedicure in a LONG time ( I usually handle my own toes) - however, this was quite nice.

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