My Family

My Family

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bingo 4 Books

November 20 the school had our annual Bingo 4 Books.  The boys always look forward to this event.  It also helps that all of their teachers are heavily involved with organizing it – Proffit, Ray, Brown, and Calhoun. 

Bingo 4 Books is where you play Bingo and then when you win you get a slip to go on stage to pick out a book. 

After awhile Brody finally won (thank goodness because he was starting to get a little upset) and he headed back to get his book.  He comes out with the thickest book they had.  He thought it was great even though knowing he wasnt going to read that book anytime soon.  Now, he loves to read but I just didnt think he would read that big of a book.  I told him the next time he won he would need to pick up a book that he would read.  Well, he comes back with another VERY thick book – WHAT????  We finally got that all straight and the boys ended up with about 8 books a piece and were beyond excited. 

Funny thing is that Jason won only 2 of the last 3 bingo games played and Adam NEVER won bingo.  Dont let them pick out the numbers for your lottery ticket. 

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