My Family

My Family

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy Halloween

This is always a crazy and fun day for us.  They were all dressed and ready to go for a fun day.  

Yummy treats for Brodys class

First thing up for the day was the Character Parade.  This is where all of the classes line up outside their room and one class starts the walk around the school and then the class next to them goes.  This allows all of the kids to show off their costume as well as see everyone as well.  Its a great idea and the kids have a blast.

Waiting for the parade to come by

The grand marshal of the parade - Mrs. Proffit and her winning pumpkin carving.

There were plenty of Elsa's this year - including Janan.

My little MJ

Halloween centers after the parade.

After the parade, Brody had a field trip to Connors Amazing Acres Farm.  I was a little bummed that I had to miss the activities in Trevors class since I was going off with Brodys class.  The kids had a blast just running around and playing with their friends.

Mrs. Calhoun (Brody's teacher), Mrs. Pittman and Mrs. Dixon taking a selfie.

The 3 of them decided to race each other in the big barrels.  Yeah for Mrs. Calhoun who took home the gold.

The hayride out to the corn maize

A little food for the cows.

Me and the 3 boys - Brent, Liam, and Brody actually made it through the corn maize in about 10 minutes.  I was pretty happy because it was warm and I was ready to get back for lunch.

When I stopped by to pick up Trevor from his class, here is what I found – making Mrs. Brown into a mummy.  They definitely had fun.

Later that evening we headed out to Jasons mom for some trick or treating.  Cale and Madelyn met us out there this year.  The kids were so excited to get some candy.

On their way to PoPo's for their first Trick or treat stop.

Rhonda's neighborhood does a great job decorating for Halloween and they make it so fun for our kids.

Check out the spooky people in the window - yeah Brody was pretty spooked about this.

They loaded up on some candy and of course had to eat quite a bit.  My sweet boys made sure to stock me up on my favorites – Almond Joy.

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