My Family

My Family

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Soccer comes to a close

Our soccer year has come to a close and what a year it was.  Friday, November 1 was our soccer ceremony and let me say that I had one little 4 year old who was so excited for this ceremony because he would be getting a trophy.  He has waited a long time for this as he has watched his older brother receive several trophies.

The rehearsal for a wedding I was to coordinate that weekend was on that Friday night and I was devastated that I would miss his ceremony.  Thankfully Mrs. Linda, a previous wedding coordinator at our church, was willing to take over the wedding for me.  I am forever grateful.

So glad I didn't have to miss this cutie at receiving his first trophy.

This was the first time Callahan Soccer Club had done a ceremony like this where all teams came together to receive their trophies.

So, we had a feeling Trevor was going to be a little crazy when he went on stage - but hey that is him and that is why we love him.  Check him out - he is SOOO excited.

Coach James was a great coach and really tried to help the kids have a fun time at all of the games.  He went through each of the kids and told something about them.  When it was Trevor's turn - he said he played hard and if we could keep him focused he would even be better.  Yep, that's our Trevor.  However, we are just glad he had fun.

I love this picture - his little eyes are saying "that's mine and I can't wait to get my hands on it"

This little kid makes me smile!!

My little soccer player had a great and fun season.  He was pretty excited about his trophy and they even received a dog tag that said Champions - we did have the best team!!

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